Look After Your Vacuum Cleaner And It Will Look After You

The vacuum cleaner tends to be a much maligned piece of equipment – we don’t really take too much interest in them – they get dragged around while we are doing our cleaning and then jammed into a cupboard at the end of it. Changing the vacuum bag and filter get looked on as unfavorable chores – after all, they are messy jobs and people tend to put them off as long as possible. This is bad news though.

Not only is a dirty machine less competent at the tasks it needs to perform, it is also not going to last as long. Most scary of all though is that it might be spreading dangerous germs and spores all around the home. If none of the other reasons for cleaning you vac move you, this last one has to. Just keep in mind that fungi and mould like to grow in places where there is a source of food, possibly a little bit of damp and darkness – remind you of anywhere?

Even if you only clean your machine once every week, it is essential to do so to ensure that there are no nasty bacteria or fungi that have taken hold. The cleaner makes for a perfect delivery system – it is used in all the rooms of the home and spores or cells are shot far up into to the air thanks to the way that the vacuum works. Before you start panicking though, it is not that difficult a job to clean the machine – there are not that many places that the germs can hide and all of these can be accessed from the outside. Take your cleaner out back today (No, we are not going to shoot it, we are going to clean it).

Open it up and shake out the dirt – you will either have a bag or a canister – get as much dirt out as you are able to. Now take out the filter, if you have one. Try to gently brush off as much dirt as you can. Lay this alongside the cleaner. Next up take a cloth that has been soaked in warm water to which you have added an anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe down the machine and canister as best you can. If you are able to, soak the canister and the hoses in the solution and leave to air dry. Follow this up by soaking and cleaning the filter.

For added protection, take a cotton pad that you have soaked in Tea Tree oil and place in the dirt receptacle before reassembling the whole machine. Be sure that everything is properly dry before you reassemble it and, if you have cleaned it properly, you have nothing to worry about. Follow this up regularly to keep it clean. (The filter needs to only be soaked when it is really dirty. If it doesn’t come clean, replace it.)